Coaches Information

Satellite Weigh Ins

If you would like to host a satellite weigh-in for the Jason Crawford Memorial Tournament.  You must submit your information to Theresa at prior to March 13, 2019.    Team, Certified Official Name, Location of the weigh-in site.

Coach list

I have worked out a majority of the details for the coaches lists.

  • Lists are due by March 30, 2019, no changes will be made after March 30, 2019
  • Respond with your list in an email (no spreadsheets this year)
  • One lanyard will checked out to the head coach or designated coach, please indicate this on your list.  SEE INFORMATION BELOW REGARDING THE LANYARD.
  • List only the coaches that will be attending the tournament
  • Coaches will need to pay to get in to the tournament
  • ID will be required to get the coach band (everyone must pick up their own wristband)
  • Check in to get the wristband will close at/or by 8:00 a.m.

LANYARD information

  • We will be doing the coach access to the pairing room different this year.
  • There will only be one coach per team allowed in the pairing room (past years we have allowed two). 
  •  One lanyard will be issued to each team.  The lanyard will grant access to the pairing room.
  • You may choose a person to be designated all day to be in the pairing room or you may pass this around amongst your coaches.  Please remember that only the individual who has the lanyard will be allowed in the pairing room.
  • Please be sure to let your coaches know if they do not have the lanyard they are not able to go in the pairing room.  As with our prior venue – the space is limited and adding coaches in the back room makes it even tighter.

Coach lists will be due by March 30, 2019.

Reminder emails were sent on:

January 29, 2019; February 19, 2019: March 5, 2019; March 20, 2019:

Jason Crawford Memorial Tournament